Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Perlu ke tengok True Beauty untuk jadi cantik?

Semalam aku tengok True Beauty. Rancangan ini terdapat banyak adegan tidak bermoral dan aku tidak faham kenapa boleh lepas kat TV Malaysia. Gadis-gadis berpakaian (terlalu) seksi & terdapat pula adegan jejaka itu bogel. Adoi.

Nak jadi true beauty, tak perlu tengok rancangan itu. Adalah mustahil menjadi 100% suci at all time. Everyone has a dark side.  It is all about learning to love yourself babeh.

Now, let me tell u a  true story, experienced by me myself.

I was overweight. I was so embarrassed with my own body & I had no self esteem at all. I cant wear any pants/jeans at all because I look bad in it. I dislike wearing baju kurung because I had a big arm. My siblings made fun of my weight. My brothers used to call me Benai. Back then, there were dramas named “Lontong” & “Sambal”. Syanie was starring as Benai. My sisters actually told me how fat I was. When I was a kid, I cant be wearing any shoes of kids size because there was no my size at all.

When it came to the annual weightings during my primary school, I would always be afraid. I know I will be embarrassed. Then, when it came to the dental checking at school, I was always afraid to lie down. Now, everyone is going to see my extra luggage. 

I remember back at my school time, one of my seniors (a girl) actually came to me and make a personal comment about me. That was harsh. I felt bad about it. Back then I was in form 2 and the senior was in form 5.  School bullying in a kampong style. When I was in form 2(again), one of my classmates (a boy) actually commented about my body size to his guy friends. School is always a terrifying place to go. With all these shitty experiences, I always hated myself.

Until now, I am still having a bad judgment against myself.

So, I learnt from all this experiences, to NEVER comment on ones physical appearance. Its causes one self esteem to go as low as it can. Never tell a kid anything that can boost them down. Everyone is created differently.

And still, I hope one day I can have all the strength to be a person who is very confident and have the urge towards myself. Readers out there, lets change things. It is not funny to make fun towards someone; at least not everyone will laugh at it..

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